Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

So yesterday. I stuck with my plan. Almost. I ate the bulk of it a bit too late and wasn't able to get it all in. The salmon wrap would have been too much. I ate everything else on my menu, but I did decide later in the evening to have a protein bar just to bump my calories and protein up a bit more. I still came in three short on my points, but all my Good Health Guidelines were accounted for.

Today I have to do a bunch of laundry and get all the dishes done. I also need to run down to the Asian dollar store and get some tiny bottles for my hair product and stuff. I am using up the rest of the produce today for breakfast and lunch, and then tonight we are planning to use a Groupon I bought months ago for an Italian bistro. I'm planning to get 10 cheese macaroni and maybe a glass of wine. For breakfast I'm going to make a smoothie with the rest of the plain yogurt from last night's fish, soy milk, the rest of the mango and a banana, and for lunch I'll have the salmon I was going to have yesterday for lunch and a salad with lettuce, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette. I don't have any snacks planned since tonight's dinner will be a points-a-palooza, but if I get hungry and do a protein hot cocoa and use a couple of weeklies, so be it. There's also clementines.

Tomorrow I fly to Alaska butt-early in the morning. I recently found out the light rail to the airport does not run early enough on Sundays for me to make my flight. I am also hoping against hope my check from Aflac gets here today. Supposedly they mailed it Tuesday, so WTH? If not I will have two choices. I can take three buses starting at 3:30 am which will take THREE HOURS to get me to the airport, or I can take the last light rail tonight which gets me there at 1:20am and then wait around there all night. My flight boards around 7:20. If I do get my check I will take a taxi for around 50$. I need to figure out what to take with me food-wise since I only have 10-20$ left on the gift card I got for doing the focus group,and I don't want to pay airport prices for food. I get in at 2:30pm and Mom said we'd go straight to the store before heading home, so I just need enough to last until then. But that may include hanging out at the airport for 6 hours tonight. protein bars are great for this kind of thing. And I'll have one more kiwi fruit left. Also some yogurts and clementines. My boyfriend eats those so I don't need to worry about using them up.

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