Monday, March 28, 2011


The doctor appointment went well. I am cleared for work and going back tomorrow. Blood pressure is awesome. Weight is exactly as I expected.

Across from the hospital is a Denny's. It's not just any Denny's though, it's MY Denny's. Two years ago I lived a fifteen minute walk away and I ate there after work 3 to 4 times a week. Dining alone at Denny's was practically ritual for me. It's the only Denny's I ever happen to be around on occassion, and I decided to go today after my appointment.

This is not nearly as assinine as it sounds, given last night's horrible food fest. My all-time best favorite breakfast out meal is actually pretty points friendly. Depending on how hungry I am it ranges from one fried egg with hash browns (8 pts) to two fried eggs, hash browns, and a side of fruit (11 pts). I always cut the eggs up first thing and mash them together with the browns so the yolks make sort of a nice yellow gravy over everything.  After they started offering the build your own slam I added an English muffin because that made it cheaper than a la carte. Naturally I ate the muffin, as well as endless Cokes and a hot fudge brownie. But at it's base, it's a points friendly breakfast.

Today I got turkey bacon instead of the English muffin, figuring that way if I ate it it would be fairly harmless. I also got black tea, and was pretty damn certain that I'd have zero desire for a brownie. Taking a tip from Lyn, over at Escape from Obesity, I saved the bacon till last so I wouldn't have to over stuff myself to get the good stuff I had come for. I did decide to eat one strip of bacon, not because I wanted it, but because I worried that if I left it all my server would think there was something wrong with it. It's clear that I have a long way to go in terms of not eating so as not to make people feel bad.

The good thing is I don't feel nauseated any more. The bad thing is I am still kind of uncomfortably full. Probably should have stuck with one egg and hash browns.


  1. choices, choices...I am feeling overwhelmed by the choices on WeightWatchers. It is definitely on of the best things about the program, but I also kinda think its the worst because you have so many choices, I often make bad ones that send me into sugar and carb comas. Anyway, keep going on this journey. We're on it together. :)

  2. Oh totally! The weekly points are awesome, and really keep me on track without feeling deprived, but sometimes I focus too much on what I *can* eat and not so much whether it's going to make me feel gross if I do.