Saturday, March 26, 2011

Holy Cow!

I did the weigh in at my meeting today and lost 0.8 lbs! Not bad for having been on vacation. Now I'm scared to weigh in on Monday because I don't want to have gained any of it back. Some day I will learn to trust the process and not freak out over stuff like that.

While I was at the meeting my ex boyfriend texted me with a question about some protein powder I had given him. It was really nice out and we hadn't hung out in a while so I suggested we go for a walk after my meeting. We walked from downtown up to Kerry Park which is about 2.5 miles and mostly uphill. I didn't take any pictures today because the scenery doesn't really change, but here's an old one I took a few years ago on a similarly nice day.

Space Needle from Kerry Park

There's a nice Trader Joe's a couple of blocks from the park so we went there because I haven't fully stocked up on food yet since getting back from Alaska. We were planning to catch a bus back so I went ahead and bought two heavy bags full. Then I remembered I hadn't reloaded more money onto my bus card. Grumble grumble. So we walked the 2.5 miles downtown where I reloaded my card in the bus tunnel and then we took the bus back to his house because he had something in his Jeep he'd forgotten to give me.

Once we got there he wanted to go to the Grocery Outlet (they have overruns, re-packages, discontinueds, etc. for super cheap) and he asked if I wanted to go, to which I said, "Hell yeah!" They always have an interesting assortment of points-friendly desserts. This time I got sugar free cinnamon bun pudding cups, Smart Ones chocolate chip cookie sundaes, and lemonade flavored coconut water sorbet bars. I also found a great deal on light soy milk with one point (!!!) and stocked up. It's the 8th Continent Light variety. He needed to go to Trader Joe's too, and I had remembered a few things I forgot the first trip, so we went back a second time.

Now, by this time it was after 5:00pm. I had had a protein bar when I first woke up (after which I fell asleep until right before I had to leave for the meeting), a Cadbury Creme Egg while I waited for my ex downtown, and a diet Mountain Dew up until this point. When we hit Trader Joe's again I was starving. I bought much more than I had planned on, and texted my boyfriend with a list of options for dinner (he enthusiastically picked the fish tacos).

When I got home around six I started eating the stuff I had planned for my lunch and snacks. I didn't think I'd be able to get everything I'd planned in, but I managed to. I won't lie. It was sort of awesome. The walk had left me pretty hungry. I even used 3 of the activity points I earned today towards a second serving of frozen yogurt later this evening. I had bought a box of frozen breaded fish nuggets at Trader Joe's, and I baked them in the oven for the fish tacos. They are only five points for 4 nuggets, and two of them are just the right size for one soft taco. We used small low carb tortillas, lettuce, sour cream, and mild salsa. Man, were they good, and only 9 points total. I am just slightly uncomfortably full enough to not start in on the lemonade sorbet bars, which is just as well because that sounds really good.

I also had a bowl of strawberries with my dinner. They looked so pretty, I had to share.

strawberries and whipped cream

I bought all kinds of tasty things while grocery shopping today and am having a grand old time planning out my meals for the next few days. Tomorrow it's tofu with mushrooms, red bell pepper, peanut sauce and brown rice. Sunday I will probably do Tofurkey Italian sausages (7 points each but so worth it) with more mushrooms, marinara (I found one at TJ with 1 pt per half cup!) and a little pasta. I also bought some of those tiny little fingerling type potatoes at Trader Joe's and I'm thinking about what I should do with them.

I have learned that I am not one of those people who merely eats to live. I need variety, interest and novelty in my food. If I am not looking forward to eating what I have planned for the day, then I'm sure not going to look forward to cooking it either, and the odds that I will just say "screw it" and go get fast food or a frozen pizza are greatly increased. I love food. That's probably not going to change. I can let it work for me or I can let it work against me. I'd rather let it work for me.

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