Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today was not fun

I woke up with bad cramps and have had them all day. I took Aleve and pretty much stayed on the heating pad. I wound up sleeping a lot since I couldn't do much else. I didn't eat great either because it was too painful to do much food preparation, and all I really want right now is carbs and sweets anyway.

I had mango sorbet with strawberries, 2 peanut butter granola bars, a cup of frozen peaches and a cup of frozen mixed berries microwaved with a packet of splenda, 5 chocolate candies, a Jell-O lemon meringue cup, a shrimp Caesar wrap made with a low carb tortilla, lettuce, shrimp, a tablespoon of dressing and half a tablespoon of parmesan, a cup of light soy milk with SF chocolate syrup, a light yogurt, a cup of low fat frozen yogurt with SF chocolate syrup and lite Reddi Whip, and a Skinny Cow truffle bar. I only wound up going about 5 or 6 over my points, and I had plenty of weeklies to cover it, but UGH.

Then I got a call from my physical therapist office saying they had a cancellation on Friday and could I come in? I said sure, but then realized as I was hanging up that it was during my Weight Watchers meeting. I am leaving for Alaska on Sunday so that means the only meeting I can get to is tomorrow morning. I am SO bloated right now, both from the TOM and from my eating today. I'll just be lucky if I haven't regained the two pounds I have lost so far.

I am trying to think of things to make to use up perishables before I leave. I have all this pizza stuff but nothing crust-like to put it on. What I do have is low carb tortillas. So I thought, maybe a pizza quesadilla. I'll just use mozzarella, a tablespoon of pizza sauce, some chopped tomatoes and a few slices of pepperoni. I can't really see it being bad anyway. I guess I'll find out.

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