Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday kind of sucked

Not all of it, but enough of it. First, we took the bus to the art museum, only to find that they had just closed. Ok, lame, but we can go back. We still had three hours till the Bryan Adams concert, so we took the bus back home.

Then, half an hour before we had to leave again I sat/fell sort of awkwardly onto the bed. The skirt of my brand new dress, a gift from my boyfriend and the only one I have that fits, got pinned under me somehow and pulled too tight. As I sat down it tore. Not on the seam either. The fabric is pretty thin and it just ripped, about two inches. It wasn't fixable. I started crying at this point. I never even got to wear it.

I changed into something else and we went to the concert. The concert was good, and nothing went wrong there. After the concert I just wanted fattening food. We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants and had dinner, drinks, and dessert. It was good, even though it may not have been the best decision. But when I've had an upsetting day, those compulsions are strong.

I stopped on the way home and got some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (yes, I was still upset). I was about a quarter cup into it when I felt something in there thst was hard, like a pebble, but with the chocolate chips I wasn't able to locate it, and it got swallowed. Then something on the left side of my mouth felt weird. I ran my tongue over it and went and looked in the mirror. Half of one of my molars was gone. I put the ice cream away immediately. It doesn't hurt but it feels really nervy. I'm kind of afraid to eat right now.

I have dental insurance through my boyfriend's work. He's going to get info for me so I can find a dentist. I just don't have the money for this right now. I don't even know what they do for that.

I have also found out over the last few days that intermittant fasting does NOT work for me. I never really felt hungry, but just knowing I couldn't eat made me obsess about food, and I wound up binging worse than I ever used to. I'm going to have to try something else.

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