Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today was not a great day

Let's just say I have 8 weekly points left, and I used half of my weekly points today. I tracked everything, and this week is far from a lost cause. I have 3 days left till weigh in and there is even a little wiggle room left, so I am going to be ok. The numbers on the scale look less than encouraging right now, but I know that I can eat every single weekly point and activity point I get and still lose a little, so I am just going to relax, finish out my week on plan, and not worry about it. Even if I don't have a loss on Monday it will be ok.

I know that stress eating was behind this. My day did not go well. I didn't get to sleep until pretty late last night, and the cats were being assholes all morning and waking me up. When I finally got up I had three people texting me at once. I was rushing around because my ex boyfriend was on is way over to pick up an aquarium from me that he decided he needed asap and I hadn't eaten and was still in pajamas. I had to run to the drug store for something and it was still raining and cold.

When I got back I called Aflac about the missing money and it turned out that both my employer and my doctor had filled out their forms incorrectly. They said I could have them correct the parts that needed changed and fax them back in but since I had all the originals in my possession this was not going to be a picnic. I'm just going to have my manager fix hers tomorrow since I will be there anyway, and my home location is an hour away (I work both in downtown Seattle, which I can walk to, and in Bellevue, which is across the bridge on the east side, but the Bellevue location is considered my home location and that manager is the one who deals with all my paperwork). My doctor's office said to fax it in with instructions, so I had to walk half a mile to a copy shop and pay to fax it.

A nurse called me back two hours later and told me that my doctor was out of town and she had not left any notes in my file indicating that I was released to only work part time, but she would have her call me first thing Monday morning to get it sorted. Aflac had said that they would have to call my employer and doctor to verify the corrections, which will hold things up further. Basically this means it's going to be about two more weeks before I get the rest of my money.

I then remembered around 5pm that I had forgotten to thaw out some chicken for dinner. Jeremy wound up paying for Subway for both of us. I didn't get some things done that I wanted to do today, I'm super stressed over money, I owe 150$ on my taxes and I'm going to have to pay 50$ to set up a payment plan because there is no way I will have the money by then to just pay it, plus I am 20$ short of my next Weight Watchers payment, and it's coming out in a few days, so I will very likely have to borrow from my boyfriend for that. We are also running out of food and I can't buy any more right now, so he has to buy that too in addition to paying pretty much all of the bills. Even if I were getting my Aflac and everything on time, my huge priority is getting child support paid, and buying her plane ticket to come down for the summer which has to be done soon.

I also have this mysterious rash on my face that won't go away. I have no idea what's causing it and it's gross.

I am just feeling very pulled in every direction right now, and that the one thing I am doing to contribute until I am making a decent income again (make the damn dinner) I managed to mess up. One good thing about that is that Jeremy has given his blessing for me to use Dreamfield's pasta when I make dinner. It's hard for me to come up with low carb stuff we both like every night without constantly eating the same things (which is not a situation for me as I am much more likely to toss up my hands and say "screw it" if what I have planned for dinner really doesn't sound appetizing). This option gives me some much needed flexibility. I only use 1 oz for each serving (about a half a cup cooked) but it's enough to really bulk up a bowl of protein and veggies and make it seem more filling and substantial.

I used some last night in our dinner and it turned out soooo good.

shrimp, zucchini, pasta, goat cheese and mozzarella

I sauteed 6 oz of peeled shrimp and a sliced medium zucchini in 2 tsp of canola oil. Then while it was still warm I added in 2 oz of herbed goat cheese from Trader Joe's and just stirred it around till the cheese melted and coated everything nicely. Last I added in a cup of cooked pasta and a quarter cup of shredded mozzarella and tossed it together. Half of the recipe is 9 points plus, and it tasted really indulgent, like something that should be much pointier. It was a good amount of food too. Probably about a cup and a half for each serving.

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