Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today = tons of random candy

I kind of hate that there is always candy at work. When it's slow and I have nothing to do it's hard to leave it alone. Today I ate 3 Dove miniatures, 6 mini candy canes, 5 big malt balls, and a small handful of caramel corn with chili in it (kind of neat) for a total of 8 points. I had two pumpkin brownies instead of one after dinner too. Otherwise I ate everything else I had planned exactly, so I got in all my good health guidelines and had 8 servings of fruits and vegetables total, which is awesome. To be fair, I started getting cramps at work. I was feeling crabby, and it was hard being there. All told, it wasn't too bad. I earned 3 activity points today, walking to and from work, and I used 8 of my weekly points.

One good thing was that about an hour after dessert I really wanted something else sweet. I thought about the rest of that tube of cookie dough in the fridge that I really should just throw out. It was tough to not go cut off a chunk. It sounded so good. But I recognized that I was plenty full, had had enough junk food today, and had no need for it. I stayed strong and didn't eat anything else except a glass of Crystal Light. I feel really good for resisting that urge, because I have been having a damn hard time of it lately.

I need a game plan though, since I work at that location 2 days a week. First, I need to stay away from the chocolates. Those are 1 point EACH! They eat up my weeklies so much faster. I could have had nine miniature candy canes for the same 3 points that I used on those chocolates. Maybe there is something else I can bring that is lower points and tastes good that I can pick at throughout the day instead. I have a bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard. 1 tablespoon is 2 pts. Maybe if I kept a little container in my locker with 1 or 2 tablespoons in it, and just eat one at a time when I feel like having a bit of chocolate... At least then the points wouldn't rack up quite so fast.

My boyfriend Jeremy's birthday is tomorrow. He is turning 35. We're not doing anything tomorrow, but I'm making a nice dinner and a birthday dessert. I started making it tonight, and it's a rather disconcerting shade of blue. Muh-ha-ha-ha! I will definitely post pictures tomorrow.

Here's part of my breakfast for today. Two turkey sausages and two basted eggs. I cut one egg open to show off the purty yellow yolk :P
Basted eggs and turkey sausages

Here's my dinner, chicken and veggie stir fry with brown rice:
Chicken, broccoli, pepper stir fry and brown rice

Here is what I have planned for tomorrow so far-

smoothie with light soy milk, banana, and frozen mango - 1 pt
2 turkey sausages - 2 pts
1 packet of blueberry protein pancake mix cooked with 1 tsp canola oil - 3 pts
(I buy the mixes here and they are really good. I like the Protidiet brand.)
1 T sugar free syrup - 0 pt
4 gummy kids vitamins - 1 pt

low carb yogurt - 2 pt
1 cup strawberries - 0 pt
1 clementine - 0 pt
2 Wasa light rye crackers - 1 pt
2 light Laughing Cow cheese wedges - 2 pt

shrimp and pasta bake with mozzarella, goat cheese and zucchini - 8 pt
(He's letting me use a little bit of the Dreamfields pasta with dinner! Yay! I hope this turns into a regular thing)

secret mystery blue birthday dessert - 3 pt

I still have at least 6 points to use up, but I'm not sure what to use it on yet. Probably some kind of snacks for work.

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