Monday, April 11, 2011

Super crampy

Not like period cramps this time. That's finally over. Just bad abdominal cramping. Really bad. I'm laying down with a heating pad, and that helps. I think I'll just go to Thursday's meeting and weigh in.

I would not have lost today. I think I'd have wound up with a small gain. I've hit what I know to be a plateau point for me. I think I will have to be more diligent this week with tracking, not taking bites of things and tastes unless I track it, maybe not use up each and every point. I'm going to need to work at breaking this plateau. They keep getting harder and harder.

I wound up scrubbing the floor, fridge, stove, and cabinets in the kitchen last night. Both because it needed to be done badly and to earn some more activity points to make up for some chips of Jeremy's I had finished.

My doctor called and got everything cleared up. She said she'd fax the form back to Aflac. Now I just get to wait. I should be getting the first check they sent today, or tomorrow at the latest.

Jeremy has the rest of the day off because someone on his team at work died this weekend. He worked from home, and Jeremy has been there less than a year, so Jeremy didn't really know him, but a lot of other people did so most of them had called in or left early anyway.

My mom gave me some black peony poppy seeds she had collected from the yard. I put up 1/4 tsp of them on and got 474 credits for them! I really need a new usb drive, and they come up on there a lot, so that will help. I'm keeping an eye out for pants I can wear to work too. I have three pairs right now. One has holes and one is too big.

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