Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aww man.

We set "Addicted to Food" to record last night, but for some reason it did not record. Lame. It's on again at 3am. I'm not staying up that late, but we set it to record again. I'm not sure how I feel about the show yet, but it seems interesting. It's a very different approach than, say, The Biggest Loser.

I am 99% sure I will have a gain tomorrow in my weigh in. It was going to happen eventually. Every ten pounds I hit a sticking point in the same place, and I'm pretty sure it's happening now. Last time I got through the plateau by cutting my calories drastically for a week, which may not have been the best method. I don't know. The time before that it was a stomach flu, after which I didn't regain the weight. I'm not sure if I should stay the course and hope for the best, or if I should try something different this time. I'm looking into options.

I'm thinking about maybe trying intermittent fasting, which is not as extreme as it sounds. One method is just skipping meals occasionally if you don't feel hungry. Another is to only eat during a shorter window during the day, like 6 or 8 hours. And it's only long enough to break the plateau. After that you go back to your usual plan. I'm mulling it over.

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  1. I sometimes have a hard time breaking through some numbers too. I normally change up my exercise routine and play with my protein/fat/carb ratio!
    Hopefully you find out what works for you. Since we're at the lower end of our goal it's much hard to lose every pound.