Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not good

I visited my friend last night. His wife of three months left him. I found out that she currently has a restraining order against him, and it's for domestic abuse. I was worried something like that would happen. He has schizophrenia and hasn't been seeing a doctor or taking medication. In addition, he's an alcoholic.

Since she left he has quit drinking and is seeing a doctor, which I am glad for. He wants her to come back, but honestly I think she's making the right decision by leaving. He has known for a long time he needs help. I'm sorry that it's taken this happening to get him to seek help.

On a positive note, my weight this morning was the lowest I have seen in 13 years! I'm hoping for a good weigh in on Thursday.


  1. That's such a hard situation. You should be careful around him even if he seems ok now. I always sway on the side of caution. Hopefully he gets the help he needs!

    Congrats on the weigh in!!!!

  2. We used to live in the same area, but now he's over an hour away by bus, so I rarely see him in person anymore.