Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday- My dream guy

Ok, before I go to bed I'm going to do this one. Even though it's not technically Monday anymore. If you haven't done FMM before, check out All The Weigh for the rules:

The topic is to describe your ideal mate:

I don't really care what he looks like. I ideally he has all of his teeth. I prefer that he not have any overwhelming bad odors, at least most of the time. I don't care how tall he is, what his body is shaped like, how much money he makes, what kind of car he drives, or even if he drives at all. He should like kids enough to want to be around mine, because she will be part of my life forever. But he can't want any of his own, because the factory is closed.

He should be atheist or agnostic like me, because it's important for me to have a partner who shares my beliefs (or non-beliefs, as it were). But he also needs to have a balanced and accepting attitude toward religion as most of my friends and family are religious, and my father is retired from the ministry, so I have utmost respect for the beliefs of others. Religious intolerance is bigotry to me, and no different than being racist or sexist. He should also be more liberal than conservative, ideally a LOT more liberal. We don't need to agree on everything, but I want my mate to have the same values as I do.

He has to be ok with dating someone who is bipolar, and is willing to handle it with sensitivity but also not be afraid to tell me if he thinks it's not being fully contained. Anyone who feels mental illness isn't real, can be "cured" by diet and exercise, or can just be "gotten over" need not apply. Personal experience with successful abnormal psychology management is preferred, but not required. I will train the right candidate who is willing to learn and keep an open mind.

We should have some overlap in style of humor, tastes in music, movies, and television. We should be closely matched in Scrabble skills, if at all possible. He should be a kind person who gets along easily with others, and treats everyone with respect, not just me. He should be responsible, motivated, and he should care about the quality of his work regardless of what he does or whether it's his dream job. If he is unhappy with circumstances in his life he should be willing to make steps to change them. He should be easy going and an effective communicator. He should be comfortable with who he is instead of attempting to fit the mold of what he thinks I want him to be like. He should follow through on his commitments, whether small or large.

The following attributes with be looked upon VERY favorably:
  • he makes me laugh harder than I can remember laughing in a long time
  • I feel a little mushy every time I get a text from him, even if it's just to say hi
  • he just tells me that he likes me rather than making me decipher his every word for clues
  • his actions match up to what he says
  • he is just as happy grocery shopping with me as he is going to a movie or a bar
  • he doesn't take himself or anything else too seriously
  • he would absolutely not be content to go even a day without some contact with me

I think this is the guy, right here. Though, this one kicks my ass at Scrabble. You can't have everything.

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