Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Figured something out

I realized something last night. While I was in Alaska I stopped taking my mood stabilizers. I felt they were making my overactive bladder worse, and it had gotten so bad I couldn't sleep. I planned to start up again once the symptoms were well controlled, but it took me a while. I waited about three weeks, until I started to notice I was cycling again.

My plan was to gradually increase my doses so it would be less of a shock to my system. I've been taking a very low dose for the last week.

I realized that ever since I quit taking it I have been struggling massively with wanting to eat all the time. It kind of makes sense there would be a connection since the meds were responsible for the majority of my weight loss to begin with.

I increased my dose today. I think once I am back to my full dose it will help a lot. I need to be better about taking it consistently too, because there is a difference in my eating when I forget a lot of doses.

I have been on plan since Sunday, though not without difficulty. The fact that my mouth has been sore/sensitive was probably my saving grace. My morning weigh-ins have not been great. It may take a while to undo the damage I've done. Right now I will be happy if I don't have another gain at my next weigh in. I am going to weigh in friday since I am off that day and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.