Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday Jell-O

Today was my boyfriend's 35th birthday. He likes penguins and has a large collection of them. So I made him a penguin birthday Jell-O.

Jeremy's birthday penguin jello

Jeremy's birthday penguin jello

I used sugar free peach flavored Jell-O which I made teal colored with food coloring. You can't see from the pictures, but it has a bottom creamy layer made by mixing vanilla instant pudding mix into the first Jell-O layer. The second layer is plain. I decorated it with gummy penguins and light Cool Whip. It was actually pretty good. We're too broke to do anything for his birthday, but we may go to the Seattle Art Museum this Saturday for the current special exhibit since we both have memberships and admission is free with that. It depends on if he's feeling up to it though.

I did a little better with snacking at work today. I did have a handful of chili caramel corn and three mini candy canes, but much better than yesterday. I'm off work tomorrow but I have lots to do. I just called Aflac's automated line, and it said they sent out my check for the temp disability (I still get a lesser amount while working part time) but it's for a stupidly low amount. So I'm trying not to stress out about it until I talk to them, but I REALLY need that money. My next paycheck isn't until the 13th, and it will mostly be eaten up by a month's worth of insurance premiums.

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