Friday, May 13, 2011

My head is about to explode

Apparently Blogger is still down. I am writing this on my phone to upload later. I weighed in today at my Weight Watchers meeting. I lost exactly five pounds, which means I got a five pound star. Yes, I realize at least three pounds of it was water weight, but at least it's friggin' gone now. And you know what? I feel damn good! It's nice to finally see some progress, regardless of why.

I was kind of worried that they would be suspicious/concerned since people my size don't typically have five pound losses unless they are on The Biggest Loser. But then I thought, well it's fairly obvious that it could easily be water weight (which it was). And thus, the loss itself is not an abnormal amount. Frankly I don't think the receptionist thought it through to that degree anyway. She just congratulated me and said, "That means you get your five pound star!"

When I did the math I realized that at the current level I am eating, and my current BMR, I shouldn't lose more than two pounds a week, which is normal. The last time I started my meds I was losing 3-5 lbs a week, which was scary to me. But I weighed a lot more, and was eating a lot less. So there you go.

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