Thursday, May 19, 2011


That's a bit more than I expected. I used so many points at the party that I stopped counting once the weeklies were all gone. The rest of the week I was at or near 29. Then again I have not been keeping track of or using activity points. So maybe that's why. So I have lost a total of 7.4 so far and I got my 5% star today. I am thinking about lowering my goal again. Maybe to 130 or something. Just thinking about it for now. I will see how I feel about it when I get to 136.

I got some more of the carpet installed after my meeting today. Now we just have to move the rest of the furniture onto the carpeted section so I can do the rest. I also realized last night that I can't find the screws to put my table legs on anywhere, so I will have to go buy more. I don't know what size they are either.

I'm kind of annoyed at Jeremy for something. He is still friends with his ex-wife and was talking to her tonight while I was at work. She had made a dig at him at one point, calling him arrogant. So later on he wanted to get back at her and he told her how successful I have been doing Weight Watchers, and that I have lost quite a bit of weight since we've been together. She is very overweight and has done Weight Watchers a couple times in the past but didn't stay with it. (I can imagine why, as he is a horrible enabler) I don't think it was fair for him to use me like that, to make a dig at her. I get along with her and do not want an adversarial relationship because of stuff like this.

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