Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Been busy

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been really busy trying to get the house cleaned/fixed up as I only have one more week before my daughter gets here!

The birthday party last Saturday was fun. I probably drank my weight in vodka-fied fizzy limeade. The one advantage to being drink is my stomach issues go away temporarily and I can eat a lot more. In addition to the pudding I brought, I tried: pasta salad (no), potato chips (yes), fruit salad (kind of ok but lots of acid and too much ginger), bbq chicken breast (so good I had three pieces), apple pie (good), and chocolate chip cookies (also good, but I stopped eating halfway through the second one, as I had hit my wall).

Around midnight my friend H who was having the party halfway sat in my lap to tell me how "A-maaaze-ing" I looked. After he stumbled off to the kitchen to do more shots, the girl sitting across from me said that she was going to leave since H was starting to get creepy and asked if Jeremy and I would like a ride to the bus transit. Did I mention that these people were all teachers, doctors, astrophysicists?

The bad thing about getting that drunk is that I suffer the effects for days. Hangovers are not a good thing for people battling nausea issues. I got through it ok. I decided to try a few new things too. I remembered eating summer sausage throughout most of the nausea last time I started my meds. I saw some little summer sausage bites at the grocery outlet and bought them. They work! I decided to try eating the canned peaches without pureeing them too, and that went well. The only thing that didn't work was changing my morning shake. I put mangos in it with the banana and the protein powder. I couldn't drink it.

I want to try to get my eating fairly normalized in the next couple of weeks so I don't have to make two seperate meals for me and my daughter.

Last weekend I put tons of time into finishing the painting and installing carpet. They are carpet squares. Really cheap indoor/outdoor ones in rusty orange. And our landlord does not want us to affix them to the floor. So I have to duct tape them together on the bottom and then just pound them onto the carpet tacks at the edges. I'm sort of amazed that this works and that it looks as good as it does.

The giant brown bean bag is coming tomorrow!! My daughter doesn't know we're getting yet, just that it's a surprise.


  1. LOVE giant beanbags...she's going to be so excited!

  2. Oh, she's going to LOVE it! I'll bet she wants to sleep on it every night. My friend used to have one, and I have wanted one ever since.