Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missing in action

So, I haven't been tracking this week so far. With my daughter coming soon, and my nausea pretty much gone, I decided I wanted to get back into eating normal food. I decided to start with foods I like under almost all circumstances. I had some pizza, some BBQ chicken, and some ice cream. I know I used up my weekly points on Friday, and went over again on Saturday. Sunday I did well until Jeremy brought home a pint of Ben and Jerry's which I ate about a third of. Today I did not keep track of points, but I did better. I bought some fudgesicles, because they are 100 calories each and I know I will only eat one or two at the most. I am planning to track tomorrow and keep things in line.

I've decided to wait until next week to weigh in and go to the meeting. My daughter gets in late Wednesday night, and I work Thursday evening. I want to have time to do things with her. I'm going to do my best to stay on track so I have a loss when I weigh in next week. So far I have only seen a pretty manageable gain from the weekend, so it should be more than possible.

I've also not been wanting to cook because I have had lots of work to do in the apartment. I got the carpet all done, the painting all done. I had to go buy new screws to put my table together, which was awesome because I had no idea what kind they were, but the ones I bought were just right. I cleaned the whole bathroom and kitchen. Never underestimate how gross a couple of cats and a guy can make these rooms. I don't even understand how it's possible. I had to completely clean the entertainment center and his desk too. Like they had never been cleaned. Ever. So. Disgusting. The horrible thing is that I cleaned his desk thoroughly about six months ago.

I've also been putting in finishing touches like the metal strip between the carpet and the laminate flooring in the hallway. Yeah, that's a lot harder than you'd think. I also had paint all over my vinyl chairs (I sometimes paint as a hobby). I bought some solvent to remove the paint and spent about an hour scrubbing the paint off while talking to my dad and then my daughter on speaker phone. My hands are super dry from the solvent now. It's looking REALLY good in here though and it's worth the work.

I know my daughter doesn't care if there are paint drips on the chairs, but it matters to me. I was looking at dinettes online today thinking I'd like to get a new one in a couple years. The one I really like, the Eero Saarinen set, is over four grand. I didn't really see anything else that I liked more than what I currently have. I figured reupholstering the chairs would be cheaper. But when I started looking at upholstery shop sites they didn't have any vinyl colors even close to what I have. And I want the same color. So I decided to bite the bullet and clean them off. I have had that set for 6 years, and I really love it. I shipped it here from Alaska when I moved. Some of the chairs have small rips and damage, and one of the legs is a bit bent, but I need to hang onto them a little longer. Complete sets are not easy to find. Especially in dark pink.

I kind of have to admit that I am starting to resent the fact that I'm the one doing almost all of the work. Especially the gross cleaning duty. I know that his low vision would prevent him from doing a thorough job anyway, but he could at least wipe up the counters and the stove after using them, and wipe his desk off after he eats there. Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up after him and the cats. It's going to be even worse with a kid here.

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  1. I need to do some home improvement soon too so I'll be asking you for advice :)

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter! Have a great day!